April 18, 2021
ES File Explorer Andriod APK For Free Download

ES File Explorer Andriod APK For Free Download

Introduction ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file managers available for Android devices and for good reason: it’s easy and free. It’s not just about managing local files, and you can manage your files on devices, cloud storage, SD cards, FTP servers, and so on. ES File Explorer will create everything in a hands-free fashion. The app has even got built-in support for popular cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive.
You can manage all kinds of files, including text, mp3, images, and videos. You can also manage your own programs. Install apps, back up apps, move installations from one place to another. This app also helps you monitor the process, and gives you in-depth information on how many resources a particular app is using. It’s also a task manager for killing the virus and providing other services.
ES File Explorer is also have library, and you can use it to categorize and create shortcuts in your apps. When you request an app when it doesn’t exist, it can act like fetching the app automatically from the cloud. It also includes a cache manager and an auto-start manager, and when an app is installed, it will provide all information about the app that install on your device.
Organize your phone the way you want by copying, pasting, renaming, deleting, and creating folders for your files.
Take full control of everything by accessing the root of your phone and checking the entire file system and all its data directories
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ES File Explorer:

With ES File Explorer File Manager, you can manage your device via Wi-Fi, using your computer, or transfer files to other devices via Bluetooth. And it has some extra features: you can clean your phone’s cache, delete unused files, and eliminate tasks that are slowing down your phone without realizing it. Plus you open the file manager right away. You can then view how many files and apps on your device at a working.
so you can also use ES File Explorer on your mobile device. Use and your PC. This program enables any Android user to easily access all their files on anything on their mobile device, and then share it if they want. Uploading photos, watching movies and managing your 3G connection is even easier now. When you work with your files, you’ll have the classic options you’re used to on desktop computers, such as copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename.


  1. Application Manager – install, uninstall, backup, and create your applications.
  2. Multiple selections and different sorting support.
  3. Search and share files in ES File Explorer.
  4. Compress and compress support.
  5. sets of icons for 100+ different file types, toolbars and menu items.
  6. Support multiple resolutions.
  7. Root Explorer for the advance users
  8. Easy access to basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, squeeze etc.
  9. Support multiple resolutions.
  10. List list and grid view for file manager.
  11. Thumbnail for image, video and apk files.
  12. 3 sets of 80+ different trade icons for file types, toolbars and menu items
  13. Support 19 languages
  14. Work on multiple tabs at once
  15. SMB (Windows) file sharing with ES File Explorer
  16. Multiple themes with cool icons
  17. Navigation drawers for quick navigation
  18. App Manager for opening, backing up or uninstalling any app directly

App Infomation:-
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